Mandala Options Dialog Box

This dialog box is used to specify all Mandala operating parameters, except the colors in the Custom Palette. A number of the controls on this dialog box specify numeric information. Those numeric values must, in most cases, be within a valid range. When editing the value within the control, you may type any digit combination. When you switch to another control, or leave the dialog box, the value will be limited to the valid range.


Select the symmetry from a set of choices on a drop-down list. The initial value is 8-way.


Select the number of snakes used to draw the Mandala. The initial value is 4.


Select the snake length. The length is measured in pixels. The initial value is 28,000.

Iterations per Update

The screen picture changes in discrete steps called an update. Each update, however, can represent more than one iteration of the Mandala. An iteration is the fundamental change in the Mandala. Each snake grows by a single pixel. Increasing the Iterations per Update will make the Mandala move faster, but will also appear to make it move less smoothly. The initial value is 180.

Update Rate

Select the update rate, how frequently the Mandala is updated. The range is approximately from 100 milliseconds (10 per second) to 5 milliseconds (200 per second). The initial value is 3/4 of the full range.

Show Segment Lines

When checked, the segment lines that define the symmetric wedges will be drawn in black. The initial value is not checked.

Draw Single Segment

When checked, only a single Mandala segment will be drawn. This is always the upper half of the outer circle. The initial value is not checked.

Random Number Seed: Random

The Mandala pseudo random number seed will come from the clock time, which is always changing. The initial value is set.

Random Number Seed: Specified

The Mandala pseudo random number seed will come from a value that you specify in the edit control immediately to the right of the radio button. When you specify the seed, you can reproduce the same Mandala each time it is redrawn (so long as no other variables change).


Select the palette that will be used to draw Mandalas.

Edit Custom Palette

Bring up the Mandala Custom Colors dialog, which is used to select the colors on the custom palette.

Restore Defaults

Use this button to restore all controls on this dialog box to their original factory settings.

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