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Greg Ordy

Amateur, or ham radio is a hobby that centers around radio communication. You can experiment with technology and electronics. Perhaps you're into communication, either reliable, or under difficult conditions; local, or around the world; with friends or strangers.  Of course the Internet and the web are all about technology and communication, and for that reason, some believe that amateur radio is doomed to extinction. It's certainly true that some people will satisfy their wants and needs on the Internet, and that will be enough to keep them out of the hobby. But, there is more to amateur radio than what the Internet offers.

I received my amateur radio license in 1969, at the age of 15. My first callsign was WN9CTH. After upgrading to WB9CTH, I moved, and was issued the callsign WB8WWV, the callsign I held until January 22nd, 1998. At that point, I used the vanity callsign program to change my call to W8WWV.

The Internet contains a number of excellent amateur radio resources. Here are some of my favorites.

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