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Zuri on cage In the spring of 1991, a friend decided to take an extended trip around the United States. We were asked if we would mind baby-sitting an African Grey parrot for a few months. As the reader now knows, my experience with pets had been the common cat and dog, with a slight dose of monkey. A bird seemed interesting, but not very exciting. At the same time, I had just built a second garage, not too far from the house. This garage had an additional large room designed to hold my small business, which had been in my basement. This would be a great place to keep the bird, since it would be away from the cats. Cats and birds seemed like a bad combination.
Zuri closeup Well, it's been over 8 years, and Zuri, the African Grey, has obviously found a new home. I have been told that Zuri means "beautiful" in an African-based language.

Birds, especially the large parrots, are very special pets. African Greys are considered to be the best talkers. Hearing a bird talk back to you in your own voice is a very interesting experience. They are very smart, complex, and display human-like emotions. I believe that Zuri can become embarrassed and moody. Birds make a huge mess, and take substantial space for all of their stuff. It is not an overstatement to say that he has taken over the place.

I have a few more thoughts on the subject of keeping birds, especially large parrots. Follow this link for those thoughts.

Zuri as art

On June 21, 2002, Zuri flew away. It was due to an accident, and I was totally responsible for it. It was stupidity and ignorance on my part.

Right before he few away, I took what has become his last picture. It is shown next. Please click on it for a large view.

Zuri's Last Picture
Zuri's Last Picture (for now..)

I have been searching for him. Stuffing flyers into mailboxes, running ads in the paper, flyers at the stores and the vets, and all of the steps that are considered helpful. There have been two sightings, both close to each other, and approximately 1.5 miles from home. I live in a mainly rural area, and I've been through the woods and fields many times, looking and listening. The chances of Zuri returning home are small, but it's worth it to try.

If you find an African Grey who laughs, says Hi Zur, Uh-Oh, and What are you do'in ku-ku bird, among many other phrases and sounds, please contact me. I have created a small web site devoted to locating Zuri.

This has been the story of my pets. I have known many other animals that deserve mention. There's Mouser, Samantha, Mischief, Tasha, and Bailey, all cats. Duane and Annette have Heidi and Winkie, who are very cool dogs, at least when they stop barking. Recently, I have been getting to know some horses, in particular, Honey and Bob. All of these animals are special, and very diverse in their character and behavior.

I would like to end this page with special tribute to a cat that recently passed away. I'm speaking of Liebe, the very special companion of my friend Kathy, who now lives in Arizona.

Liebe was a wonderful Russian Blue, who had a tremendously deep relationship with Kathy. That relationship lasted over 20 years. Please enjoy Liebe being, well, Liebe.

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