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Greg Ordy

This page describes the Mandala revision history. You may find it helpful in determining if a fresh download is in order.

The software version number consists of a major and minor version number, in the form of major.minor, 5.8, for example. This would be major version 5, minor version 8. In general, a change in minor version number is associated with relatively smaller program changes that have the property that all existing registry and file data will by compatible with other minor versions in the same major version. The major version changes when it is no longer desirable or possible to reuse all existing information. In this case, the new major version install program will perform a conversion so that the upgrade looks and feels like the older version, to the greatest extent possible.

Most users will find that each newer version, without consideration of changes in major or minor numbering, is subjectively better than the older version, and downloading the newer version is always a good idea. A higher version number is indeed better.  In some cases, changes made across major versions may cause a user to actually prefer an older version. For this reason, the highest released minor version number of each major version number will be available for downloading. Within a major version, however, only the most recent minor version will be available.

The history information listed below details the changes made to a program. This will include bug fixes and feature enhancements. By examining the table, you can determine if a certain version will be of value to you.

Version Maj. Min. Date Description
4.00 4 0 Oct. 1, 2000 Initial release.
4.01 4 1 Nov 2, 2000 Added buttons to the Options and Custom Color Palette dialog boxes that restore all settings back to the factory defaults.
4.02 4 2 Nov 12, 2001 Fixed a minor problem that caused the Mandala registry entry to be misnamed.
4.03 4 5 Nov 27, 2001 Fixed a problem that caused the window surrounding context help messages to be incorrectly sized, in some cases.

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