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Greg Ordy


Most of my contributions to this project, at this point in time, have been in the area of buying large quantities of parts for groups, and then making up individual kits. For over 25 years, I've been able to fool employers, employees,  investors, and customers, into believing that I'm a programmer. No reason to stop now. This page describes software which I hope contributes to the N2PK VNA project.

I would like to thank my business partner, Paul Hubbard, for donating his time to this effort. Paul and I form Seed Solutions, a very small company which develops all sorts of strange software for all sorts of strange applications. As has happened many times in the past, we work together on a project, finding our individual parts, and shared parts.

Our software development environment has been created to make it easy to spit out boilerplate programs with companion installation/removal wizards and  HTML-based on-line help/documentation skeletons. Simple programs can often be produced in hours, including the installation wizard, a removal wizard, and documentation. The environment produces a single downloadable executable, ready for installation on the user's computer. This software, therefore, is branded with the Seed Solutions name, and we do indeed own what we produce. But, we freely contribute this software to the project, consistent with the license terms expressed on the pages.

The following components have been found/written:

These programs do not replace the original N2PK software, available from N2PK's web site. They are simply free contributions to the project. Seed Solutions has created all errors and bugs.


* Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP are all trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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