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Fortunately, there exists a large amount of quality information on low-band operation. Here are some of my favorite resources, both on paper, and on-line.

Internet-Based Low-Band Resources

Resource Comment

W4RNL - Amateur Radio

A large set of antenna-related pages, by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL. While a number of the pages concern low-band operation, one especially good series covers the different methods of loading a shortened 80 meter vertical.

W8JI Home

The pages of Tom, W8JI. Lots of good low-band information, especially on receive antenna theory and practice.

DX Summit

Perhaps the best known Internet-based Dx spotting page. Keep track of activity and openings.


One of the several NEC-based antenna modeling packages. The one that I use. Hard to get along without it.


A program that displays the gray line. Many different maps and projections of the world. Both a free version, as well as a special amateur radio version, for a fee.


Home of the Top Band and Tower Talk lists. Message-based lists covering a wide range of topics.

K6NDV, K6SE Topband

Collection of 160 meter information, often centered around some of the well-known stations. Links to other topband sites.

Who's Who on the Topband by VK2ICV

List of country totals by continent. Links to other topband sites.
KA9FOX Contest/DX Library A collection of message list messages on a number of topics. Lots of value for the low-band operator.
antenneX On-line antenna magazine. Covers much more than just the low bands. One can either subscribe (for a fee), or purchase various archives.
K3KY - The Low Bands A blend of low-band information. The Flag/Pennant information is especially good. Other receive and transmit antenna links.
RF Circuits Building Blocks Page by Mark Connelly, WA1ION Extensive receiving antenna information. Preamps, phasing boxes, remote controlled termination. Links to more SWL/receiving information.
Misek Antenna Research Publisher of The Beverage Antenna Handbook. Also a source for transformer cores, clips, and FETs, used in Beverage antenna construction. Also contains an interesting letter from H.H. Beverage to Victor Misek.
Oak Ridge Radio Information on Beverage antennas. Oak Ridge also sells the  EG&G Vactec VTL3A27, one of the few parts which can function as a remotely controlled variable resistor. This part is substituted for the termination resistor in receive antennas so that the antenna response can be remotely adjusted.
HCDX Antenna Special Mainly shortwave receiving antennas, with lots of antenna designs and commentary.
KB1GW'S Collection of Beverage Antenna Information Some Beverage history, and links to various articles and information.


Paper-Based Low-Band Resources

Resource Comment

ON4UN's Low-Band DXing

Lots of information on all topics related to low-band operation. An absolute necessity. Written by John Devoldere, ON4UN. Available from the ARRL. Be sure to get the latest edition, which is currently the third edition. The fourth edition was released in the spring of 2005.

Vertical Phased Arrays

A six-part series of articles written by Forrest Gehrke, K2BT, and appearing in Ham Radio magazine from May, 1983 through May, 1984. Complete treatment of both the mathematical and practical aspects of phased vertical arrays. Old issues of Ham Radio are now available from the ARRL on CD-ROM, although this series happens to cross a boundary, so you need to purchase two collections to get all six parts.

The ARRL Antenna Book

Much more general than just the low-bands. A good chapter on phased verticals. Available from the ARRL.

Vertical Antenna Handbook

A more advanced text, covering many topics. Written by Capt. Paul H. Lee, N6PL. Part of the CQ Technical Series.

Vertical Antennas

A good beginning resource with many practical designs. Written by William Orrm W6SAI, and Stuart Cowan, W2LX.

The Beverage Antenna Handbook

Beverage antenna theory, and a number of practical designs. Written by Victor Misek, W1WCR.  Available from the Radioware and Radio Bookstore. A third edition is now available. Please see the previous link for Misek Antenna Research.

DXing on the Edge

History of 160 meters. Companion CD with audio clips. Practical antenna design. Written by Jeff Briggs, K1ZM.  Available from the ARRL.

The Complete DX'er

General book on DX operating. Written by Bob Locher, W9KNI. Available from the ARRL.

The Low Band Monitor

A monthly mailing with information on 160, 80, and 40 meters.

Yagi Antenna Design

An excellent source of Yagi information. By Dr. James Lawson, W2PV (SK). While the Yagi is not normally used on the lower bands, this book is full of general antenna information applicable to all forms of directional antennas. Available from the ARRL.

Reflections II

Transmission lines and antennas, by Walter Maxwell, W2DU. Organized as a set of chapters that each cover a topic. A focus on transmission lines and impedance transformations/matching. Available from ARRL.

RF Circuit Design

Written by Chris Bowick (WD4C). Published by Newnes. This book is very practical and chock full of valuable information. It covers RF components, filters, impedance matching, and transistor circuit design. Mixed in is an excellent description of the Smith Chart. A must-have on every bookshelf.


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