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Greg Ordy

Equipment Desk

This is a picture of the overall operating position. I use a raised shelf above a simple desk. Almost all of the radio equipment is on the raised shelf. This works out well for viewing angle and adjustment issues, and also frees up most of the desk surface for other functions. In fact, I use this area for general computer work, as well as bill paying and other normal home paperwork.

The computer is connected (via serial interface)  to the 756Pro and the KamPlus. The Yaesu G-800SDX rotator has an optional computer interface, but I do not have that installed at this time.

This picture also shows the MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer box which I use to combine low band receive antennas. It can be see behind the keyboard, on top of the CD-ROM case.

The 756Pro is also connected to the computer sound card with low level audio cables. This allows the computer to be used for modes such as Slow Scan TV (SSTV) or PSK-31. The radio audio can be directed through the sound blaster card to the computer speakers. I have found that this produces the most pleasing audio. Usually, however, I do not enable this audio path in the computer software mixer, choosing instead to listen to the radio audio on a separate speaker which can be seen between the MFJ box and the rotator controller. Since the computer is used for modes such as SSTV and PSK-31, listening to the audio is not that important.

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