W8WWV - Gadgets

Greg Ordy

VFD, 2100, Kam+

I use the RF Applications digital VFD RF Power/VSWR Meter for monitoring transmit power and SWR. You may be able to see  my callsign on the display (lower left). The vanity option (from RF Applications) adds your callsign to the idle display. I also have the SWR relay option, which provides a relay output when the SWR goes over a threshold which can be changed on the front panel. The normally closed contacts are wired in series with the amplifier keying line. When the SWR rises too high, the amplifier will drop out. Since I have a number of antenna choices, the chances of transmitting into the wrong antenna are always present. In fact, I find ways to do it all too often.

Next to the VFD is the ICOM IC-2100 2 meter FM radio, on top of a Kantronics KAMPlus HF/VHF radio modem/controller. This pair is primarily used to gain access to a DX packet cluster. In many cases, however, I find myself using the Internet-based cluster at DX Summit.

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