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Greg Ordy


This page was quickly put together to contain some Smith Chart graphs that I made which compared BuryFlex cable to several other 50 Ohm cables, and two, 75 Ohm cables. The charts were made as part of a thread on the antennas newsgroup. The data was collected on December 11, 2005. This information was updated in 2010.

Fig. 1 - Cable Comparison

Fig. 1 - Cable Comparison

Fig. 1 shows two different lengths of BuryFlex, three lengths of 50 Ohm cable (I read the jacket to verify that it was 50 Ohms, but I didn't write down the particular cable), and two lengths of 75 Ohm (RG-11) cable. In all cases, the load at the end of the random length of cable was 50 Ohms. Data represents a sweep from 1 Mhz to 50 MHz, in 100 KHz steps. The N2PK VNA, described on other pages, was used.

Fig. 2 - Zoomed Cable Comparison
Fig. 2 - Zoomed Cable Comparison

 In Fig. 2, I removed everything except one BuryFlex cable, one 50 Ohm cable, and the 50 Ohm load directly connected to the VNA. My goal here was to show that the 50 Ohm other cable spirals around the 50 Ohm load, whereas the BuryFlex does not.

An update of this information was made in 2010.

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