W8WWV - Portable Operation

Greg Ordy

This page is the gateway to the portable operations that I have taken part in. Living in Ohio, it's very hard to be a highly desired QSO (contact). Portable operation is fun not only for the travel and scenery, but it is also a way to put yourself on a relatively rare part of the amateur radio world. The word relative is important here. If you are talking 20 meter (14 MHz) shortwave, a rare location might imply an exotic island, such as Reunion Island. On 80 meters (3.5 MHz), a state might be rare, such as Alaska or Rhode Island. On the VHF and UHF bands, certain grid squares are rare. What makes a grid square rare is the lack of active radio operators (on a certain band). Generally, this will correspond to an area of low population.

If you can get yourself and a radio to a place where nobody lives, you may find that amateur radio operators want to talk to you.

Portable Operations:

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